Stepan Atoyan, MD, MPH Candidate – 25-05-2014

Stepan AtoyanDr. Stepan Atoyan has been competitively selected for the position of Project Coordinator in Health Department of the Armenian Red Cross Society (ARCS). He started his new assignment in the headquarters of ARCS in Yerevan in May, 2014. Dr. Atoyan’s main responsibility includes coordination and monitoring of the project “HIV prevention in Armenia”.

Dr. Atoyan earned his MD degree from Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU) in 2010, where he got his qualification of Doctor of General Practice. Following that, he continued his specialization in Infectious Diseases. In 2013 he started his studies in the Master of Public Health program at the American University of Armenia School of Public Health.

Prior to this Dr. Atoyan worked as an Assistant Professor at the Morphology Department, YSMU, as a physician at Nork Infectious Clinical Hospital. He was also involved in several UNICEF projects at SAMSA (Scientific Association of Medical Students of Armenia) as an assistant of project coordinator.

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